1. San Francisco, CA || Caught one last sunset last night on the west coast before heading east to our next stop in Salt Lake City. So magical!

  2. A morning with my mom. || Natural Bridges State Beach Santa Cruz, CA.

    Woke up real early one morning to watch the waves roll in with my mom. Spent a few hours hanging out and talking hoping to see the sun come up but enjoyed a blue gray morning filled with good conversation and laughs instead. This lady is the realest. So thankful she passed down the desire for adventure!

  3. All of this cacti. || San Juan Bautista, CA.

  4. Week 7: Monday brunch.

    I keep waking up thinking I have somewhere to be on a weekday. Not working an 8-5 job Monday - Friday is a lil’ bit weird and a lotta bit cool. Wouldn’t mind living the life of a vagabond forever; traveling, eating, meeting good people, and making photographs.


  5. theannieproject asked: I was searching my 'new York city' tag and I came across your post with the picture that said "Goodbye Portland || Hello New York" and I was so surprised! I'm from Portland and I hope to move I NYC soon too! Good luck :)

    What a small world! Thank you! I hope you make it out to nyc. :)

  6. All you can eat pan dulce!

    Spent the day hanging outside and enjoying the sunshine. Morning brunch and evening bbq. Just a few more days hanging out in California then it’s on to the next leg of the journey!

  7. Hey, Theodore!

  8. Good mornin’ ya’ll! Hope your Sunday is filled with warm vibes! ✨


  9. Wanna keep up with my journey across the country? Follow along on instagram! 😘 see ya there! IG: natalyeannestlucia

  10. Saying “see ya!” and heading out on the road felt pretty great yesterday. You will forever have a special place in my heart Portland but, I have been ready for a change of pace for sometime now. (at Portland, Oregon)


  11. It is official ya’ll, I’ll heading to NYC very soon to make a new home!

    Aside from feeling a bit overwhelmed with excitement/nerves/butterflies, I am also very certain that this is the right direction for me to head in right now and look forward focusing on my photography and really immerse myself into the art community in New York City. So, if you (or anyone you know) have any tips on getting involved in the NYC art community, want to hang out/explore/become friends, know of any folks I should get in touch with, want to be photographed, know anyone who is looking for some sort of photo related help/assistance, or have any tips/advice about living in NYC in general please send me a note here or at my email address (natalye.anne.stlucia@gmail.com)! I would be so so so grateful and appreciative!

    P.S Before I go, I’d really like to have a meet-up in Portland and say “hey/see ya” to some of you folks! If you are in the San Francisco area and want to hang out, I’ll be stopping by your city early April and enjoying some time by the beach gazing at the California sunset one more time before heading east. Lastly, New York City… I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Yours truly,

  12. The time has come for the big move/adventure. Bags are packed!
    First leg of the journey.
    Portland to mamas home, CA (at Turntable bay)

  13. at Alberta Arts District

  14. It’ll be sunny this weekend and it’ll be one of my last weekends in Portland, who is up for a lil meetup? ✨ (at Portland, Oregon)

  15. So sweet to have one of my favorite photographs of Saria Dy featured as one of the winners over at PDX Photographers for their “First Collection” along with some other great photographers in the area! 🎉

    Happy to have been a part of this while I am still around Portland. ☺️ Go check it out along with some other works!