1. Oh bijou - Niagara || Such a beautiful and talented group of musicians. Really wish I could have seen them play live.

  2. self | october 4th 2014 | brooklyn, ny

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  3. rainy day studio play | october 4th 2014 | brooklyn, ny

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  4. Self | September 2014. | Brooklyn, NY

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  5. Beyond stoked to finally see Caribou live next month. Got a lot of inspiration from their albums this last year.

  6. Manuel | Coney Island | September 2014

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  7. People watching at Coney Island | September 2014

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  8. (short) home video | February 2014 | Portland, OR

  9. Hello,

    I’m currently booking shoots in my studio & on location here in NYC and I’m also available for travel!

    I’m currently trying this whole freelance thing in hopes that I can make photographs full-time forever n’ ever and also be able to pay my rent because New York is so expensive and it hurts my heart to write that rent check every month. So, if anyone is interested in having me photographing them… I promise we’ll all have fun and I’ll deliver some lovely photographs to you! My rates are reasonable so tell your friends, and your friend’s friends, or you know.. just spread the word on the internet. ;)


    If you’d like to support a growing artist (thats me!) in another way you can always check out the prints I have for sell in my Etsy shop! If you don’t see a photograph of mine that you like in the shop, shoot me an email or message via here or Etsy with a link to the photograph and we’ll talk! 



    As always, stay lovely ya’ll and thanks for all the support you’ve already shown- it means so so much to me!


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  10. Afternoon light studies. (at Loft Nest)


  11. inspiration sounds.

    metronomy || the end of you too

  12. Light em’ up.  || Today in the studio. #colorswoons

    Looking for a gal/guy or two to photograph in Brooklyn this weekend. DM me if you’re into it.

  13. self.

    Brooklyn, NY

    September 2014

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  14. Came across a lovely little nook in Greenpoint today during my bike ride! This little gem, Milk & Rose, has a backyard so lush it had me swooning the entire time over my morning tea.

    New York was so beautiful today and with grey skies and a high of 75 degrees it definitely had me feeling a little nostalgic of Portland but happy to be alive in yet another wonderful city. The morning was brisk, which meant I could finally pull out and put on my favorite knit cardigan and take a leisurely morning ride over to Greenpoint for some breakfast treats. I initially saw a sign out front of Milk & Rose that stated there was a backyard and since NYC feels like it is mostly made up of concrete… I wasn’t going to pass on some homey backyard vibes. Upon entering, I was immediately encouraged by the waiter to check out the backyard and when I made my way to the backdoor I gasped discretely under my breath. I had hit the jackpot on “charming” in Brooklyn. I could probably have had the worst service and I would’ve still come back to this place solely for the garden views. Fortunately for me, bad service wasn’t the case and the combination of my delightful black tea with rose petals, good company, sweet music, and a waiter with the sincerest and most friendly attitude, was all so welcoming that it was hard to leave this cozy spot and will definitely have me coming back soon.

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  15. A little lady on a stroll.


    Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York City, New York 

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